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Activz Beet Stick Packs - 24 Pack

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Activz stick packs are the answer to maintaining a whole-foods diet with a busy lifestyle. Each Activz Whole-Food Stick Pack: Frees up time by eliminating the prep step. Can be easily stored or transported without creating bulk. Can be eaten anywhere home, office, gym, airplane, commute, restaurant and more. Retains full nutritional potency for years (if its not eaten first!). Provides the same nutrition, color and flavor as the original produce. Is free from synthetic ingredients. Suggested Uses Add 1 serving to 1/2 cup water, milk or juice and mix well. Combine with protein powder or smoothie for a post-workout nutrient boost. Stir into salad fixings, soup or yogurt. Use with restaurant or airplane food to quickly increase nutrient value. 24 stick packs per box. 1 stick pack = 1/2 cup beet juice
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